Join us on June  21, 2023 from 6 PM - 9 PM at The Bowery Hotel in Manhattan for the 2023 MENTOR of the Year Awards. 

Now more than ever, mentoring is an important intervention for young people to find connection, support, and friendship as they work to achieve their greatest potential.

Mentoring programs need our support to better serve young people, and we need you to continue supporting them. You can ensure every mentoring program in New York has someone to turn to for expertise and support in times of calm and times of crisis.  



Through unprecedented times and adverse circumstances, mentoring has proven to be undeniably critical in the lives of adults and young people across New York State. 

  • Mentees were resilient in the face of challenge.
  • Mentors searched for ways to stay connected with them.
  • Mentoring programs assessed the realities of young people and turned to MENTOR New York for guidance.

But this system does not sustain itself. YOU are key to ensuring that MENTOR NY can share expertise and resources to support the mentors, program coordinators, and youth development leaders who rely on our services now more than ever. 



At the event, you will:

  • Hear moving mentoring stories from mentors selected as award recipients for the MENTOR of the Year Awards.
  • Celebrate the life of Luke Boisi, who tragically passed away at age 21.
  • Learn more about MENTOR New York's work and why your support is so critical for the future of mentoring in New York State.

Thank you for your support!


Meet some of the fundraisers supporting the NY Mentoring Movement!

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